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It's You Babe's mission is to support women, providing them with a New Chapter in Comfort!

Manufactured in Michigan with materials sourced in the USA 

It's You Babe® provides high-quality supports to ensure women receive the comfort they need 

We make support happen!

Reduce backache, muscle strains, pelvic aches, and ankle swelling by wearing the It's You Babe Best Cradle®, Embracing Belly Boostier, Basic Belly Boostier, It's You Babe Prenatal Cradle®, or It's You Babe Mini Cradle® 

Pelvic floor support solutions for prolapse bladder, prolapse uterus, vulvar varicosities, and pelvic congestion include the It's You Babe V2 Supporter® and PF Press

For C-section, sacroiliac pain, and pelvic laxity choose the Hug My Hips or It's You Babe Hip Brace

Why Choose Us?

At It's You Babe we believe in improving quality of life by embracing women during pregnancy and beyond, by providing comfort and relief in the delivery of safe and effective support products.


Although we can not directly process or charge your insurance company, some insurances may cover this product. Check with your insurance company to confirm it is covered. You may need to get pre-approval. Ask for a link to their reimbursement policy.  If covered, you may need to purchase it first, save the invoice and submit it to your insurance company with their pre-approved statement and reimbursement form, then wait for reimbursement.


If you have a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA, HSA and HRA), you may use your FSA, HSA or HRA credit card to purchase our products directly through our site. It's You Babe products are considered supportive maternity bands, braces and elastic supports. You will need to keep your It's You Babe invoice for proof of purchase.

I highly recommend this product! This is my third pregnancy- I have back pain, leg pain, ligament pain, and pelvic pain. Wearing this makes the pain better and allows me to remain more active. I can sit/stand for longer periods of time without the pain and swelling. It also makes me sit in the correct position so the pain does not get worse. The straps on top show a little, so I just pin them to my bra straps. It took some adjusting to figure out how to wear it comfortably. If it is not comfortable at first, keep trying different adjustments until it is. I was on the border of being a medium or large, so I went with the large and it is a perfect fit. Other belts I tried were ok for standing, but I was not able to move around or sit as comfortably as I am able to do with this one. I only wish I had this supporter with my first two pregnancies!

-Pregnant and Pleased

The Best Cradle worked wonders to relieve my lower back pain in the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy. I wouldn't have survived without it!

-Satisfied Mommy

I received my embracing belly boostier in the mail yesterday! I tried it out this morning and felt instant relief. I've tried one other belly support and there is no comparison. I can breathe and sit in this one comfortably without the band jabbing into my skin. Highly recommend! Thank you, Its You Babe, LLC! ♥

-Michigan Mama

Winner of the Preferred Choice Award

About Us

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It’s You Babe, LLC is a Pure Michigan based manufacturer of all It's You Babe products. Managed by Chris Seering, MSN and her stalwart husband, Darrell Seering, a retired state trooper who traded in his badge for a tape measure and pair of scissors.  It’s You Babe’s branded line of Prenatal Cradles, Best Cradles, V2 Supporters and other products are proudly manufactured in Michigan ~ Made in the USA.